About us

We bring European content to life.

The European VOD Coalition represents video-on-demand and digital entertainment companies of all sizes who invest in and distribute European content, strengthening the European audiovisual internal market.

Our goal is for a European public policy framework that helps the VOD sector to thrive. VOD is an exciting, fast-growing sector that grew by 40% between 2010 and 2020. Investment and growth are driven by one thing: consumer preference. Millions of Europeans choose VOD services to entertain themselves and their families every day.  

The growth of VOD has brought a wave of opportunities to the creative sector in Europe. Today, more and more content creators are benefiting from the VOD sector’s investment in diverse and local content. They have a greater choice of who to work with. And figures from the European Audiovisual Observatory show that their work is reaching wider audiences.

Why European consumers choose VOD

European consumers turn to VOD providers because:

  • The content on offer reflects the diversity they want, from mainstream to niche, from different cultures and in different languages
  • They have ample choice of between 198 VOD services in their respective countries on average, according to the 2021-2022 yearbook of the European Audiovisual Observatory
  • They can choose how and when to watch their content
  • They can make sure their children enjoy watching content within the regulated and safe environment VOD services provide
  • The range of services available means they can choose whether to see advertising or not

By the end of 2022, there will be 140 million subscriptions to VOD services across the EU.

European policy for VOD

Policy makers can help VOD players become a European success story. Sound policy will also help the European creative sector to grow and increase the flow of diverse content for European consumers.

Our priorities are:

  • To raise awareness of how the streaming sector operates and functions.
  • To promote VOD’s ongoing investment in producing European content in European languages and in distributing it worldwide.
  • To ensure that policy affecting VOD is always future facing, taking into account the rapid evolution of the sector and consumer preferences.
  • To advocate against fragmented implementation of EU policies that weaken the single market.
  • To make the case for national governments to lower the barriers to entry in their markets