We bring European content to life.

Our Mission

To inform audiences, policy makers and regulators about the importance of European VOD and digital entertainment services and to advocate on policy issues that help stimulate innovation and creativity.

By bringing together video-on-demand (VOD) and digital entertainment companies that share common values and invest in as well as distribute audiovisual content in Europe as their core commercial activities.

Our Membership

Representing video-on-demand and digital entertainment companies of all sizes who distribute and invest in European content.

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Our Work



  • Support the role of the European audiovisual and streaming sectors in creating and promoting European content to a wider global audience
  • Stimulate storytelling in film and TV
  • Encourage creativity and innovation in internet entertainment
  • To give consumers greater choice in accessing content

Our Role

Our Role

  • Raise practical issues with policy makers which we believe represent important opportunities to improve creativity and innovation in Europe.
  • Promote the increasingly important role that we believe video-on-demand (VOD) platforms provide within the entertainment industry
  • Provide a voice to a range of VOD and digital entertainment companies, including innovative European start-ups
  • Contribute advice to European policy-makers and decision-makers in relation to the VOD and digital entertainment industry



  • The role of IP / copyright in film and TV production and distribution

  • Media and audiovisual regulation

  • Creativity and innovation within the entertainment industry

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